We would love to have you join the Fall 2019 Alpha team. Please fill out the form below to register.

As you consider this commitment, please keep the following in mind:

  • Dates: Alpha runs for 8 weeks, every Tuesday, 7-9pm, from September 17th through November 5th

  • Training: We will have two essential training sessions for our leaders which you must be able to attend so save the following dates:

    • Tuesday September 3rd (7-8.30pm)

    • Tuesday, September 10th (7-8.30pm)

      • You must come to this training even if you have been at Alpha trainings before.

  • Weekend Retreat: Please set aside Saturday, October 26th - Sunday October 27th, for an overnight retreat. This is the best part of Alpha! To be on the team you must be able to attend.

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