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What are CoreGroups?

CoreGroups consist of 3-5 people of the same gender who commit to regularly meet together to encourage, challenge and foster growth in one another through practicing the ways of Jesus.

While mixed community groups remain the primary way to form community at Vintage we recognize the need to link up with in smaller, gender based groups for seasons of greater intentionality, vulnerability and discipleship. Our hope is that these groups naturally form as subsets from our existing community groups and teams across the whole of the church.

How do I join a CoreGroup?

A CoreGroup isn’t really something you join but something you create. Take the initiative and invite others in. It may come from a smaller expression of community within an existing ministry you’re already involved with, ie; alpha, groups or teams. Once you have 3-5 committed people fill out this form to register your group. We’ll then send you all the needed resources.

What if I’m having trouble finding a CoreGroup?

While we don’t form the groups ourselves, we are happy to take your information as we build an index of others looking to create a CoreGroup. Email and we’ll get in touch from there.