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The entrance to our secure VKIDS area is manned by a Vintage security guard. Only authorized adults are allowed into our safe kids space.

While checking-in, parents are given a security tag and must return it in order to pick up each child at the end of the service. No child will ever be released without the parent presenting the matching security tag. 

You'll be asked to provide an emergency contact number when you check in for the first time. If a VKIDS staff member needs to contact you, you’ll be notified via text or a call on your mobile phone. 

We maintain a strict “two-adult rule” in each of our classrooms. There must be at least two volunteers present before we will begin accepting children. Children are never allowed to leave the classroom without adult supervision.

Children in our care are always accompanied to the restroom by two volunteers. Children will never be taken to the restroom alone.

Men do not assist young children in the bathroom stall or change diapers. Only female volunteers are allowed to serve in the Nursery.

All volunteers are background checked, referenced, and interviewed by a member of VKIDS staff before being serving on the team.

All Vintage staff and VKIDS volunteers have completed Ministry Safe training to ensure full compliance with safeguarding standards set by the Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others.